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Will there be something called love that is true? We frequently enter our relationship that is first with romanticised notion of ‘true love’.

Question: we have actually had my share of relationships, which always ended-up in unsightly break-ups. I thought i will be in love, nevertheless the situation and people changed over time. Often, my partners cheated I fell out of love.Now, I don’t buy this concept of true love on me(who claimed to be in love), and there were times when. I don’t feel just like stepping into a relationship it would take an uglier turn with time because I know. I feel a relationship is focused on making compromises, and love is merely a short-term thing. I will be 29-year-old and my moms and dads have begun trying to find a lady for me personally. But seeing my previous experiences, where I have been lied and cheated on, I don’t think I will be in a position to spend money on a relationship. What must I do?— by Anonymous

reaction by Zankhana Joshi: within my practice, I’ve witnessed the single thing

to get meaning and satisfaction. But for that to take place, true love is going beyond any selfishness or self-interest of just one partner to nurture and now have a good influence on both partner’s self-esteem and feeling of well-being.

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